Another day, Another Round

Now that you’ve all got your nerves out from the first night, it’s time to see who came back and develop and build on even more relationships than the night before.

For most, this second round is philanthropy, where your chapter gets to talk about why they are apart of your organization and really sell the chapter.

There are two important aspects of Philanthropy round:

  1. The craft
  • To show that your time is being meant for something while you talk about the good your chapter does, you should always prepare a craft for the potential new members to help create.
    • So, make sure your craft should have something to do with your philanthropy, whether that is the craft itself or where you will be donating your craft.
  • For example, below, the craft my chapter made were flowers made out of paper mache with pipe cleaners at stems.
    • While the craft itself doesn’t follow our philanthropy of breast cancer education and awareness, the colors of the flowers as well as their donation location coincide with our philanthropy.
      • If your philanthropy has a certain color, use it and use it everywhere.
    • We donated these flowers to Hope Lodge, a place we frequently volunteer at that houses cancer patients and their caregivers during their time of treatment.
      • We could then make the connection to the service we do in the community.
Picture taken by Grace Fyalka of SLU ZTA’s philanthropy night table with craft

2. The conversations

  • It is so important that the girls coming into your room develop deeper connections each night of recruitment so they know they are making the right decision, just like so you know you are also making the right decision by letting her into your chapter.
  • The best way to prepare your chapter for deeper conversations is to teach vulnerability
    • Being vulnerable means being authentic in yourself and when that happens within yourself, the person you are working to create a relationship with (ie the potential new member) will begin to feel comfortable and do the same.
    • Remember, as the potential new member wants to see and learn more about your chapter, you want to just as much learn more about her.

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